ANGEL-DUST [ Feature Film 2009 ]
GENRE : Mystery, Suspense

It is a devil's whisper from Hell.
That devil's whisper has takena girl's heart.
Sanity or Madness ?
The girl who has lost her heart will reach the end.
* Action On Film International Film Festival 2009 (Los Angeles)
< Best Visual Effects Feature, Award Nominee >
< Breakout Action Star, Award Nominee >
*QUEENS International Film Festival 2009 (New York)

DIARY [ Short Film 2007 ]
GENRE : Romance, Drama

The girl believes her dreams.
The guy throws his hope away.

The diary connects those who never meet.
There is something you shouldnft lose.
* Los Angeles International Short Film Festival 2007 (Los Angeles)

[ Short Film 2007 ] GENRE : Drama, Thriller

Fear brings despair.
The clock ticks away the seconds towards a hopeless death.
How would you do in this situation?

Itfs a extreme one situation, super short movie!
* Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2007 (Tokyo)
* The 60th Festival de Cannes Short Film Section (France)

BLOODBATH [ Short Film 2007 ]
GENRE : Action, Comedy, Crime

John T. Rex is a cop at the top of his game.
Nobody likes his methods, but he always delivers the goods.
When Rex discovers the secret hide-out of the internationally wanted criminal Ken Oh, He does what he does best: Taking out the trash!
A Real Hero, Real Ninjas, Warlocks, Bullets, Explosions!
It all adds up to Real Action Reloaded!
* GIAA New York Film Festival 2007 (New York)
* SoCal Film Festival 2007 (Los Angeles)
* Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival (Atlanta)

CARELESSNESS [ Short Film 2006 ]
GENRE : Drama, Thriller

It 's too late when you notice.
A small mistake causes the worst effect that you could ever imagine.
The extreme ending waits for you...

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